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What can I say? Self descriptions are weird but...
In all honesty, I don't like wedding videos and if you made
this far into my website, I don't think you like them neither.


That's right! 90% of them are the same. They just use the word "cinematic" to describe it. A drone shot over the venue with some trending music and a voice of someone reading a speech they found in Google. Transition to some shot of the rings, invitation, and than a 1st look and... Yeah, I'm bored already!

My name is Fa and I have been shooting weddings for the last 8 years, mostly freelancing for other studios in New York and New Jersey. I shot weddings for the so called high-end studios. I shot weddings of all kind of cultures. In all kind of venues and all kind of people. And one day I got married and the last thing I wanted was a videographer. How could that be?

I didn't wanted to do what I told my clients to do. I wanted to spend my wedding day among my guests, my friends and family. Not with my photographer or videographer. And I think you should too.
Your day should be about you, not your photos. 

Well... You get the picture right?

After I "suffered" what you are suffering I realize that, wedding films can be different. They can tell a genuine story, they can be fun, they can be true and not made up. They can be original and not just a bunch of posed shots with a Ed Sheeran background music!

Motta Movies is an option for those who believe that a wedding day is supposed to be a true celebration of love, friendship and union. And not a photoshoot with a party in the end. We want you to be true to yourself and let your personality be an ingredient to your film. 

I should stop writing now because I was told too much text is not so good for SEO (whatever that means) so... If you need help to ruin your parents' plans for your wedding, count on us. Oh, I say "us" because I have a team that I lead, they didn't wanted to write their "bio" but they're amazing.

They are:

Ray - Sound designer
Rafa - Illustrator
Shan - Photographer
Suzi - Videographer
Vittor - Videographer
Shan - Photographer
Felipe - Editor
Marcelo - Editor

We are Motta Movies.
Who are you?

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